About this page

This is the former location of my mountainbiking website. The site was active until 2010 when I stopped adding new content. About two years later, the Drupal installation which it was based on was taken over by a Chinese spambot until I noticed the huge amount of traffic it was generating. I then updated and closed Drupal but in October 2014 a serious vulnerability that was said to affect all Drupal installations prompted me to take this site offline completely. Perhaps some day I will have a full section on mountainbiking on my website once again. - November 1st 2014, David


Me & mountainbiking

My brother Gregor introduced me to mountainbiking in 2003 when I was 17 and soon after I began competing in races. I've participated in quite a few races over the years until 2012 (on a quick count over 100), when both my studies and other hobbies caused me to shift my interest elsewhere.

The greatest race I ever took part in was the 24 hours of Finale Ligure. The race takes place on the coast of Liguria, a fantastic back-drop to 24 hours of cross-country team racing, with a great organising team and friendly people all around. The photos in the background were taken there in the races from 2009 to 2012 by the photo service Copyright on the photos remains with and the respective photographers.